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Corporate Finance


Queensbury Group provides a comprehensive array of corporate finance services to small and medium sized businesses.

Queensbury Group has access to debt and to equity capital through an extensive network of financial intermediaries.

Whether there is a need for a restructuring, or for new financing, the process always begins with a detailed business plan.

No matter what the purpose, every company should have a plan that lenders, investors or acquisitors will relate to. Such a plan will include:

  • corporate history
  • management experience
  • use of funds and critical path
  • sales and production competence
  • niche specialization
  • proprietary strengths
  • marketing strategy and plan
  • financial projections
  • exit strategy

Detailed cash flow projections will confirm a company's ability to support debt service.

Queensbury Group accepts the role of a resource for the total financial needs of its clients.

Queensbury Group works with management, shareholders, lenders and others to co-ordinate meetings, documentation and deadlines.

Queensbury Group assists with both the design of a financial strategy and the implementation of it.

Queensbury Group is willing to work with other advisors if they are already in place, or to arrange for others, if needed.

Since inception in 1987, the Queensbury Group has been a financial services industry leader in offering a co-ordinated single source for the needs of its clients. Through Queensbury Securities, we are experienced in raising money from private and public sources, through the use of offering memorandum and prospectuses. 

Queensbury Group has two methods of compensation. Consulting work is billed on an hourly rate. After an initial meeting, an assessment of the work required is made and outlined in a letter along with a fee estimate. One quarter of this amount is payable upon acceptance of this letter with the balance billed in equal installments over the term of engagement.

When raising capital from either private or public sources, compensation is based upon a percentage of the funds raised and is payable (less consulting fees advanced) as a disbursement from the proceeds of the financing at the time of closing.

Queensbury Group remains unbiased and independent having no affiliation with a financial entity.

Queensbury Group always works for its clients to obtain the best possible terms and conditions.

For more information please contact our Corporate Finance Department.